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Online or in person training programs (San Diego, CA personal training)
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▶ 90 day weight loss (option of at home or gym training)
▶ 90 day bodybuilding & lean bulking
▶ Guide to Setting & Achieving Goals
▶ 90 day military prep
▶ 8 week diet coaching course
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“My goalSan Diego personal trainer testimonialss hiring Lexes as my personal trainer were to gain knowledge about proper exercises to lose weight and tone my body at the same time. Weight loss is a long process of losing weight, she has taught me a lot about exercising and how our body works in general. I also have lost weight while she has been training me. Whenever I am struggling with exercising, and my weight loss she always encourages me and gives me great advice. I was able to easily open up to her about
my past weight loss struggles and how its effecting my every day life and she’s understanding and so encouraging! She pushes me hard during our sessions and she is always very personable and really cares about you as a person and helping you achieve your goals.” -Katie F.

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